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Tips for cycling routes

Go for a hike in Soest, over unpaved roads, through farmlands and rural estates

Tips for hiking routes

In and around Soest you will find an incredible number of impressive castles and rural estates

Experience the history

The Heuvelrug is an oasis of tranquillity between Utrecht and Amersfoort

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Located at the edge of the Utrecht Heuvelrug between Utrecht, Amersfoort and Hilversum, with its beautiful natural setting, Soest is an oasis of peace and quiet. Walk or cycle through forests, moors and dunes, experience royal monuments in Soestdijk Palace or go back in time to the roots of old Soest. Naturally the Soesterberg Air Base and the National Military Museum should not be missed. All this may well be too much for just one day, so consider spending the night and enjoy a delicious evening meal at one the charming restaurants. Tomorrow is another day with so much more to see. Welcome to Soest and Soesterberg 


Would you like some personal advice about the best way to explore Soest? Feel free to enter the VVV Soest Tourist Information Office! 


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