National Military Museum

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The National Military Museum, also known as NMM, displays the history of the Netherlands and its armed forces in an impressive manner. This interactive museum brings past, present and future to life.


The aviation department of the Royal Netherlands Army was established in 1913, on the exact same spot where the National Military Museum is now located, over a century later. The main hall, the Arsenal, displays all the top pieces from Dutch military aviation history. Visitors can explore the cannons, tanks, planes, and many other things at their own pace. In addition, a soldier will be on hand to tell his personal story every Saturday at 1pm and 3pm. 

In addition to the Arsenal, the museum has six themed rooms that tell the story of the Dutch armed forces. Experience an F-16, drive a tank or learn some NATO language. There is plenty to do at the National Military Museum for children and adults alike! 

Soesterberg Air Base

NMM is located at the former ari base of Soesterberg, a complex of abandoned runways, bunkers, an underground fallout shelter, munitions depots and shelters where fighter jets used to be parked. After the end of the Cold War, the runways where mainly used by helicopters, and in 2008 the aur base was decommissioned completely. The current Soesterberg Air Base Park is well suited for explorations on foot or by bike. In addition, visitors can take a guided tour. Tours commence from NMM's main lobby. 

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