Museums on the Heuvelrug

Discover fun and educational museums on the Heuvelrug

Stories about the military past, historic locations and the people that lived there, old trades; together the Heuvelrug museums tell us about the rich history and culture of this stunning region. For young explorers, the various museums have special children’s treasure hunts or workshops. Fun as well as educational!

Take the kids to the museum

The Heuvelrug has many great museums especially for kids. Explore at Doorn House, learn about the army in the National Military Museum, or potter around with stuff at Amerongen Castle; there’s something for everyone. Prefer to go out into the great outdoors? Then check out the Gimborn National Tree Museum and follow a treasure map to find something special.

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The most beautiful castle museums

Many of the historic sites are now set up as museums, or function as temporary venues for exhibitions of all kinds. Want to know everything there is to do and see at the various castles and country houses on the Heuvelrug? 

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