Kids activities on the Heuvelrug

There is plenty to do. Explore the options!

Do you feel like some action, playing, being outside, chilling for a bit or some good food, in other words: HOLIDAY? It’s a good thing you came to the Heuvelrug. Each day is sure to be an adventure here, as there’s plenty to do in this magnificent region in The Netherlands, with plenty of wooded areas, heathlands, dunes and castles. What exactly? Explore the adventures you can have on the Heuvelrug.

Have fun on the Heuvelrug!


Ten of the following should not be missed. How many will you cross off?

Go an expedition

There is so much to explore on the Heuvelrug! Where will your exploratory expedition lead you?


There are plenty of wonderful options for a meal or snack with playground facilities. 


Go outside where the world is at your feet and adventure is waiting for you to happen!

If it rains...

It is raining? No problem, there is plenty to do!