The ultimate Heuvelrug Bucket List

The Heuvelrug Bucket List was developed especially for children. The Heuvelrug is a gigantic and diverse area with so many fun activities for children that it is easy to forget some. This Bucket List includes the best activities for when you visit the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. The Bucket List has been carefully compiled and includes the top 10 important activities for children.

1. Put on your survival outfit and go!

If you like action and cool activities such as climbing and clambering, and making fires is exactly up your alley, put on your survival outfit and join in the exciting NMM boot camp to feel like a real soldier. Want to join?

2. Spotting wild animals

Go to the Ouwehands Dierenpark zoo to spot lions, elephants, meerkats and, from 12 April, giant pandas. 

3. Having a look in an ultra-chic castle

Who would not want that? Feel like a prince, princess, emperor or knight... all this is possible on the Heuvelrug!

4. The Rosarium

Come and enjoy our miniature golf course, pedal go-kart track, trampolines, small playground, table tennis, badminton and jeu de boule at the Rosarium in Doorn. 

5. De Boswerf

De Boswerf; a beautiful green location in the Zeisterbos. Children can enjoy themselves in the wonderful play forest.

6. Climbing the Pyramide of Austerlitz

There is no reason to go to Egypt to climb a pyramid because there is one at Austerlitz. Afterwards, live it up in the wonderful playground. 

7. Dive into natural waters

The Henschotermeer is always fresh and lovely and the prefect destination for a day out.

8. Fly a kite at the Soesterduinen!

Fly your homemade or ultrafast kite and see how long you can keep it up in the air. 

9. Build a secret hut

Big or small: you choose! The location will naturally remain a secret. 

10. Picnic

The sun is out and skies are blue, so prepare some delicious snacks, find a good spot and tuck in!