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Ouwehands Dierenpark
Grebbeweg 111
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Stand face-to-face with polar bear twins, wath the bears from the new observation post in Expeditie Berenbos and go on an adventure in Gorilla Adventure and RavotAapia, Europe's largest play jungle. 

Whether you're admiring the gorillas moving at 10 meters' height in the Gorilla Adventure or watching the bears from the new observation post in Bear Forest, there's always something new to discover at Ouwehands Zoo!

An orangutan swinging right over your head or a pelican scooping a fish out of the water; there is something special to discover in every corner of Ouwehands Zoo.  However, these are the highlights you really don't want to miss!


Want to admire real live giant pandas? You will be able to very soon now...  Two giant pandas have arrrived at Ouwehands Zoo in April 2017.

Bear Forest Expedition

You will only really get to know the brown bear if you trek through its natural habitat. Experience an adventure in the Bear Forest Expedition. Visit the picturesque village of Karpatica and discover Bear Forest, home of the bear.

The Bear Forest

In the Bear Forest, brown bears that were mistreated in their previous lives are living happily again. Together with the wolves, they enjoy 2 hectares of forest, which includes a waterfall, rocks and a pond, among other things.

Gorilla Adventure

Ever had a tête-à-tête with a gorilla? Through an enormous gorge, you descend into an old mineshaft deep underground, where you will experience an exciting adventure among the gorillas.


Behave like an animal in RavotAapia and discover everything about the jungle and its inhabitants while fooling around. Clamber like a squirrel monkey over ropes and catwalks, admire the cradling nests of the weaver birds, and encounter the little prairie dogs in the creepy cavern. Like a true daredevil, you can whizz from the meters-high slide like a rocket, or catch a ride on the Jungle Express for an adventurous journey.


Have you ever been face-to-face with swimming or playing polar bears? At the 'Neus aan Neus' (face-to-face) polar bear enclosure, you can admire the playful polar bear twins from up close!

Ori Academy

Have you ever wanted to know how snakeskin really feels or how hard an ostrich egg is? Be amazed by the animal kingdom at the Ori Academy and find answers to all your questions about animals. During the voyages of discovery, you will test your animal knowledge and become a real expert. And of course, our guides will be pleased to help you finding the right answers. If you complete everything correctly, you will be awarded a genuine Ori Academy Diploma!


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