Holiday on the Heuvelrug - Go for a bicycle ride in the countryside, attend an event or explore the military heritage

Why spend just a day or weekend on the Heuvelrug if you could opt to stay longer to enjoy all the wonderful things the region has to offer? It is impossible to explore the entire Heuvelrug in one single day, so take a mini break or long holiday and enjoy! Summer is nearly here, so this is the perfect moment to come: there are plenty of events, the countryside is at its best and all the villages come to life! 

What activities are there?

There is no such thing as a dull day on the Heuvelrug. If you would like to be informed of the options for day excursions on the Heuvelrug, be sure to check our calendar.

Top 10 tips on the Heuvelrug

These are thing you must have seen or done, from a visit to a museum to exploring the military heritage or an extensive bicycle ride or walking tour.

Overnight accommodation

Unwind on the Heuvelrug after an active day in the countryside. This is where you find (farm) campsites, holiday parks, hotels and B&Bs, varying from simple to stylish.

Practical information

We are happy to provide practical information to help you plan your tip. Find information about the accessibility of the Heuvelrug, the best accommodations and much more.

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