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Top 10 popular hot spots ♥

What are the best spots, where are the starting points and what can be seen underway?

Tips for routes

Go for a hike in Rhenen, over unpaved roads, through farmlands and rural estates

Tips for hiking routes

Rhenen features an incredible number of impressive castles and rural estates.

Experience the history

The Heuvelrug is an oasis of tranquillity between Utrecht and Amersfoort

Discover the Utrechtse Heuvelrug

At a special location against the hill, Rhenen – with its historic Cunera Tower in the ancient city centre as its ultimate symbol – is surrounded by greenery and beside the water. Rhenen is a city with a rich military past, great recreational areas, culinary tours de force and the best zoo. This is relaxation for all ages. Welcome to Rhenen!


Top 10 of popular hotspots

Is this your first time in Rhenen, or have you visited before? We listen a top 10 of the things you must have seen or done in Rhenen. 

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Stay overnight, go to dinner, go shopping or visit an attraction; Rhenen has it all! We have collected the best locations for your day out.

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