Cycling on the Heuvelrug

The ultimate cycling region that provides new energy!

The best thing about cycling on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug is its endless diversity. Explore the grand countryside and see every detail while cycling through the wooded areas and taking in the many rural estates, castles and extensive open fields. The Heuvelrug is the best cycling area in The Netherlands where you can plan your own route or cycle using the bicycle junction network. The Heuvelrug has suitable terrains for any ride: from flat to hilly tracks and from wood-tracks to paved roads, anything is possible on the Heuvelrug! Cycling on the Heuvelrug is by far the best way to explore the region and experience it to the core. To make things even simpler, various Toeristische Overstap Punten (TOP; Tourist Transfer Points) are established in the region for you to start your bicycle ride. 

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