Doorn on the Heuvelrug

Doorn is a historic village in the centre of the Heuvelrug. Explore the special cultural-historic heritage with the region’s green treasury: the National Bomenmuseum (tree museum). In this woody environment, there is a 25-metre high watchtower that provides a magnificent view of the entire region! Come and see it for yourself. 

  • Huis Doorn

    The impressive Huis Doorn and its country estate is a backdrop of European style. This is also where you can obtain tourist information. 

    Huis Doorn
  • Kaapse Bossen

    Hike in the Kaapse Bossen, across winding forest trails, historic church paths and grand beech avenues and climb the De Kaap watchtower for magnificent views.

    Kaapse Bossen
  • Chalet Helenaheuvel

    Chalet Helenaheuvel lies hidden in the Doorn wooded areas; since 1932 (!), this has been a trusted address and household word for hikers and one of the starting points for a walk in the Kaapse Bossen scenic area.

    Chalet Helenaheuvel
  • Von Gimborn Arboretum

    The Nationale Bomenmuseum (National Tree Museum) is the largest tree garden in The Netherlands with a world-famous collection of trees from all corners of the world. 

    Von Gimborn Arboretum
  • Het Rosarium

    The Rosarium Doorn recreation park has been a household word in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug region for decades. Also fun for children’s and family parties. 

    Het Rosarium

Our tips in Doorn