Amerongen on the Heuvelrug

The picturesque village of Amerongen is about 1,000 years old and one of the gems of the Heuvelrug. It is beautifully located between the Rhine with its river flood plains and extensive wooded areas. Walking through the village, you see ancient streets, lovely restaurants, galleries and shops. The glorious history around the tobacco culture is seen all around the village.


The Tabaksteelt museum revives the illustrious past of tobacco cultivation in Amerongen and environment.

Amerongse Bovenpolder

The ‘river environment’ in the Amerongse Bovenpolder features Galloway cattle, Konik horses and plenty of other special flora and fauna.

Amerongen Castle

The history of Amerongen castle starts in 1286 when construction was initiated under the rule of Floris V, count of Holland. 

Amerongse Bos

The Amerongse Bos is one of the oldest wooded areas on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug and is perfect for a long hike.


You are sure to have a wonderful time in this informal café, in particular after a lovely hike or bicycle ride.

Our tips in Amerongen