Castle Tower in IJsselstein



Kronenburgplantsoen 9
3401 BM IJsselstein
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Castle Tower in IJsselstein
The authentic early 16th-century castle tower (Loyertoren) is the remnant of the once renowned IJsselstein Castle. It is an important historical site for IJsselstein, as it is the basis for the current city. It’s now a satellite location of Museum IJsselstein and is used for high-profile exhibitions.

IJsselstein Castle
The Tower was once part of IJsselstein Castle, which was demolished in 1888. It consisted of a large complex of buildings, towers and walls surrounded by a moat. The foundations of the castle are still in the ground and luckily the tower has been preserved. See the special brick spiral staircase with beautiful vaulted ceiling and the tower room with fireplace, toilet and prison.

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