Art collections and interiors

The castles and country estates at the Heuvelrug have dozens of unique interiors and art collections. The circumstances and time periods in which these were acquired vary greatly. At the listed heritage sites, you will find unique and distinctive interiors at each and every one. Discover the most beautiful collections here. 

  • Best Hotel Design on the Heuvelrug

    Following major renovations, the idyllic rural estate Parc Broekhuizen in Leersum was opened in 2017. The historic Parc Broekhuizen rural estate is tucked away in the scenic beauty of Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park. It is an impressive location with gorgeous buildings where past and present meet. The rural estate is hundreds of years old, but the decor is modern, yet respectful of the history of the place. Parc Broekhuizen is an amazing culinary and visual discovery.

    Best Hotel Design on the Heuvelrug
  • Amsterdam influences in Baarn

    Groeneveld Castle is a fine example of a country estate built by a merchant from Amsterdam, and features a hall entirely decorated with hand-painted wallpaper from the 18th century.

    Amsterdam influences in Baarn
  • German objects in Huis Doorn

    Here, you will find many objects that have a connection to Berlin and Prussia. Kaiser Wilhelm II brought them with him when he fled to the Netherlands after abdicating the throne. 

    German objects in Huis Doorn

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