Visit Castles & Country Estates on foot

Go for a hike on the Heuvelrug, over unpaved roads, through farmlands and rural estates. Listen to the many bird species or find yourself face-to-face with a deer. Enjoy the magnificent vistas in the stunning countryside and explore the beautiful environs and the wonderful views. Set foot into one of the impressive castles or country estates and feel like a famous resident of this unique location. These heritage walks will show you the Heuvelrug at its best.

  • Hiking around Amerongen Castle (11km)

    A walk along the borders, past the rose garden, the children’s playhouse and the beautiful trees, including a 300-year-old oak, is definitely worth the effort.

    Hiking around Amerongen Castle (11km)
  • Walking through authentic Renswoude (7km)

    Enjoy the village atmosphere during this walking route in the middle of a true Dutch landscape. Renswoude Castle is a wonderful landmark. Come and sample the delectable fare at Restaurant De Dennen.

    Walking through authentic Renswoude (7km)
  • Explore the beautiful sites of Soest (16km) on foot

    This walking route starts at the edge of Soest and takes you through the beautiful  De Paltz Estate

    Explore the beautiful sites of Soest (16km) on foot
  • Follow in the footsteps of Napoleon (8km)

    This route brings you through the hilly forests of the Heuvelrug. The rich had their country estates built here, and a French general and army set up camp here.

    Follow in the footsteps of Napoleon (8km)
  • Walking in the Utrecht region (7km)

    Old estates, impressive castles, historic country seats and landscaped gardens. Explore De Haar Castle on foot.

    Walking in the Utrecht region (7km)

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