Group tour
This tour of the Grebbeberg, with a guide from the De Greb foundation, is available for both groups and individuals. The subject of the tour is 'the Battle of the Grebbeberg, 1940'.

Find out everything there is to know about the Battle of the Grebbenerg at the start of World War II. Good mobility is required for the tour, as the terrain is uneven. The standard duration of the excursion is 1.5 hours. Truly enthusiastic visitors can also request the expanded version of the tour, which takes three hours.

The price of a tour is €130 per group. You will receive an invoice from us.

Signing up for participation is mandatory, preferably well in advance. You can contact the Rhenen Tourist Information Office (VVV) for this by phone (+31 317 61 23 33) or by email ( 

Opening times

  • Every monday open
  • Every tuesday open
  • Every wednesday open
  • Every thursday open
  • Every friday open
  • Every saturday open
  • Every sunday open



  • Own car park: Yes


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