Giant panda's on the Heuvelrug

Have you always wanted to admire a giant panda in real life? You are able to at Ouwehands Zoo! Following a 16-year period of consultations and preparations, the two pandas Xing Ya and Wu Wen, who were symbolically gifted to the Netherlands by China during the state visit of our Dutch Royal Couple in October 2015, can finally be admired by visitors.

In order to ensure that a visit to Ouwehands Zoo and the giant pandas is an amazing experience, it will only be possible to buy tickets for the zoo online from after the official opening.

Face to face with Wu Wen & Xing Ya

Want to admire real live giant pandas? You will be able to now...  Two giant pandas arrived at Ouwehands Zoo in 2017.

Visit Pandasia - the panda enclosure

The giant panda enclosure consists of two parts: a separate indoor area and outdoor area for the male and female pandas

Nature conservation

In a world where nature is under pressure, Ouwehands Zoo wants to encourage admiration for nature, and to encourage people to think and act.