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For the first time in the more than 100 years since it was founded in 1915, the Wintertuin in Baarn is open to visitors. Previously a botanical greenhouse, the Wintertuin is now a tea garden and patio and home to the Elixir Escape Rooms and a unique iPad game in the Cantonspark.

Both the Wintertuin and the Cantonspark are national monuments. While the park has been open for several years, few people outside Baarn (or in Baarn, for that matter) know about the Wintertuin. That makes it a hidden gem that is more than worth the effort of a visit. Now, for the first time since 1915, the Wintertuin is open for the public to experience: whether it's the tea garden, escape room or the former botanical greenhouse. (Tip: be sure to check out the Wintertuin’s gigantic living ‘green wall’.) The Wintertuin holds appeal for a wide range of visitors, from those in search of tranquillity and a soothing cup of tea to adventure-seekers of all ages.

Charlie the Botany Branch
This treasure hunt for children ages 5 to 8 will take you all around the monumental Cantonspark. You will have one hour to find out the name of Charlie's friend. If you are right, you'll be rewarded with a treat in the Wintertuin afterwards!
Charlie the Botany Branch comes in a replica of the Wintertuin with a fun cut-out, instructions for the treasure hunt and a tasty piece of fruit. There is no need to reserve a spot in advance for Charlie's treasure hunt.

The Mystery of the Botanical Garden
In The Mystery of the Botanical Garden, you and your team will go in search of the key to the treasure chest. You'll set off into the park armed only with mysterious drawings and a special iPad. At different locations, you will hear voices from the past.
Work together to unravel the Mystery of the Botanical Garden and be the first team to open the treasure chest.

Elixir Escape Room
It is 1929. Hidden in the jungle of an enormous glass greenhouse, surrounded by bizarre instruments and exotic plants, a passionate botanist has spent years working to achieve a lofty ambition: creating the elixir of life. There are even rumours that the professor has a secret laboratory, in which everything is poised and waiting for the missing ingredient derived from the Selenicereus grandiflorus, the ‘Queen of the Night’, which blooms only once in a blue moon...


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