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We make use of cookies on this website. A cookie is a simple small file that is sent with pages of this website and stored on the hard drive of your computer through your browser. The information stored can be returned to our servers during a subsequent visit.

Does this website use cookies?
When you visit this website, the website offers what are known as cookies. Cookies are handy and useful technical files that your internet browser saves on your computer. The use of cookies is safe. No personal information, such as a telephone number or e-mail address, can be retrieved from cookies.

What details does RBT Heuvelrug & Vallei collect?
This website keeps a record of what web pages visitors to the site visit. The visitor data of all visitors together helps us improve this website, measure the use of the website and ensure it functions well. In addition, we use the data for research and to be able to keep you as fully informed as possible about our products and services. We consider all data collected as confidential. The data is not shared, rented or bought, or made public in any other way. We think it is important to share only information that is relevant, which is why we use cookies that tell us something about your user profile. We display information that relates to an earlier visit to

What third-party cookies do I receive?
The statistic/visitor data on this website are maintained with the help of Google Analytics. We use this service to measure visitor data. Google Analytics places its own cookies. Read more about Google Analytics.

How can I switch off cookies?
Functional and statistical cookies are necessary for the site to function as well as possible. You cannot turn these off. By visiting our website, you agree to the use of these cookies. For cookies that are not necessary, we offer you the option to turn these off below. Please note, if you opt for ‘Restricted’, the website might not work as well. The refusal of cookies has consequences only for the computer on which you carry out this action. Do you use more than one computer? Repeat this action as often as necessary.

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For more information regarding the options for accepting or turning off cookies, consult the help function of your internet browser. See for example this announcement from the Consumers’ Association for an explanation.

We would also like to direct you to the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on, with which you can prevent your details from being gathered and used by Google Analytics.

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